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Wellborn Sign Co. specializes in:

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Our New TOY!  Roland AJ-1000

Features: 720x720 dpi resolution

Backlit And Banner prints up to 101" Wide X Roll Length.


Our Other Printer

Roland SolJet SC-545EX

Photorealistic Printing

Up to 1440x1440 dpi Resolution

52" Wide X Roll Length.


Our Newest TOY!


The ACCU-BEND is the only machine in the world to completely layout, notch, flange

(bend the notched 1⁄2 inch bottom), and completely bend the full final shape of

the channel letter return. No other machine on the world comes close! What

normally would take 30 to 45 minutes to shape and form by hand, the ACCU-BEND

completes perfectly in about 4 to 5 minutes.


2007 T.S.A. Contest Awards For

Wellborn Sign Co.

  Paramount Theater 1st Place                                        Designer Tree 1st Place Scott Nix


  Ambassador 2nd Place George Clark                              Furniture Gallery 2nd Place George Clark


   Grandma’s Burritos 2nd Place Scott Nix                         Whitney Russell Printers 2nd Place Scott Nix


USA Plumbing 3rd Place George Clark                                  Torn Awning 3rd Place Scott Nix


     High Plains Public Radio 3rd Place Scott Nix


We are Pleased to Announce

The Opening of Our Lubbock Office

Located at 4801 Globe Lubbock, Texas 79404 (806) 771-7446

Expanding to Better Serve the Panhandle.



Stop by and See our High Resolution

Printed Banners

and Banner Stands!


Also See Our High Resolution

Mural Prints!

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"It's Wellborn Time"

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"Ask yourself Why you are not using the best."

Paramount Theatre Sign Restoration. Completed

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                                                Michael Wellborn

Wellborn Sign Co. is a full service sign company, providing clients with an array of products and services from designs to large scale fabrications. We are here to cater to all of your signage needs. As a team we strive to make your signage ventures convenient and pleasurable. With us the customers come first. We have come to realize that we are really in the business of building relationships.

More than that, you want services that include:  

For more information on any of our products or services please contact us at

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Wellborn Sign Co. exudes excellence through its research, designs, fabrication, and installations. See for yourself as you are invited to browse through the gallery in discovering what expertise you are gaining when you choose the name Wellborn.

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