• ​Each channel letter is individually formed and has it's own seperate enclosures

  • LED lights are housed in the internal channel

  • Return: the side of the channel letter, creates channel enclosure; can be made with custom colors

  • Face: the front of the channel letter; can be acrylic or translucent

  • Channel letters can be illuminated with LEDs or Neon (channel letters illuminated with neon would not require a face) or left unilluminated

  • Flush or raceway mounted

    • Flush mounted: affixed directly to the surface

    • Raceway mounted: affixed to rectangles that contain materials for power



These brightly lit channel letters will make any storefront POP! Each letter is fashioned with customizable acrylic faces & returns, with LEDs housed in the internal channel to keep that sign aglow! Have these front lit channel letters flush or raceway mounted to create a fresh, modern look to your business! 

Wellborn Sign Tip:

Give your sign a unique edge by using dual color vinyl on your letter faces. This allows your channel letters to be one color during the day, and another at night! 



Take your business to the next level with a sign unlike any other! These reverse lit letters are mounted slightly away from the wall to create a "halo" effect behind the sign. Illuminated using LED lights, you can choose to have these letters shine from behind, as well as the front, creating a look that's all your own!

Are you set on using channel letters, but love the look of neon? Well you're in luck! Just swap out those LEDs for some neon bands and skip the channel letter faces and you'll have a sign that's the best of both worlds!

Wellborn Sign Tip:



Have a logo that's a little more complicated than most? No problem! These sign cabinets are custom shaped, allowing our customers to maintain a more detailed logo shape. Whether you choose to have it illuminate or stand alone, your cloud sign is sure to catch the eyes of your customers!



These signs are simple and cost effective. Your logo will appear on an acrylic face, allowing your sign cabinet to illuminate or stand alone. The durable aluminum casing around the face ensures your sign will stand the test of time!

Our aluminum casings can be customized to be any color. In fact, there's plenty of wiggle room for creativity with all of our signs! Have an interesting idea, but you're not sure how to make it happen? Let us know! We'll work with you until you have the sign of your dreams!

Wellborn Sign Tip:


Looking for a unique and modern look? Then a push thru acrylic sign is your answer! Made of an aluminum sign cabinet, a routed-out face, and backed with routed-out acrylic, PTA signs have a very clean, modern, and professional look that will stand out on any store front or interior wall. Typically internally lit, PTA sign cabinets can be any color, and the routed acrylic can be decorated with vinyl or frosted white to create a look to impress!



Make sure everyone knows where you're located! These signs consist of a sign cabinet mounted on a pole high enough for maximum visibility. Customize your pylon sign with LEDs, a pole cover, reverse lit letters, or a Daktronics message center!



These free-standing signs are a street side prescence letting your customers know you are here to stay! Monument signs are permanent signage landmarks, installed low to the ground, and made of metal, brick, stucco, etc. These unique and and customizable signs are sure to catch every eye!


Give your sign an extra edge by adding a Daktronics message center. Display images, announcements, or just general information right from your monument sign. Your business will be impossible to miss!

Wellborn Sign Tip:



Coming in a variety of shapes, size, and colors, awning can add class and sophistication to almost any store front. While protecting your customers from heat and bad weather, an awning can easily be customized to your taste! Whether it be simple or intricate, vintage or modern, vinyl or canvas, lit or non lit, logo or no logo. Awnings are awe inspiring and brand defining for any business!


What better way to make a great first impression! Neon brings your brand to life and lets your customer know your business is special.  From simple open signs to downtown neon blade signs, neon signage or borders are a sure way to get noticed and stay noticed!


Wellborn Sign Tip:

Trust us when we say that neon could easily make your sign the coolest on the block. Don't let other businesses show you up, be the best! You'll be sure to attract the attention you're looking for and much, much more! 


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